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This is the personal website of José Ordoñez, web developer and desktop applications programmer. Español (Spanish)


I am a informatic engineer graduated from the University Rafael Belloso Chacín in Zulia state on Venezuela. I love programming, from desktop applications to web development. I always like to be involved in new technologies and also to try new stuff as web changes., i like to share knowledge, i like to create new things and see how far they can get..

About me

I am passionate about video games, I like watching movies and television series. I love comedy and futuristically acclimated or epic. Another thing is that I like to read about everything, news, fantasy, manga, technology, past history and future. I'm a surreal art fan, and I listen to music ocasionally, too. I like Japanese culture and pirates.


  • Programming in Python, Development Environment for Python.
  • Programming in JAVA, Application Development in JAVA.
  • Django Framework, Web Development with Django Framework (python).
  • PHP (Symfony), Development of web applications using PHP.
  • MySQL, MySQL database and understanding of SQL statements, query development.
  • HTML5 + CSS3 + jQuery, Web Applications latest technology developed from these.
  • Version Control. Repository (Github, Git)
  • Applied knowledge for the development of applications by using technologies git or github.


José Ordoñez

Phone: +58 414 633 4714


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